HD POV /Boom cameras at NAB

Iconix HD Remote Head Camera

IceCube0008A split head camera puts the imaging block behind the lens which is connected to the camera’s CCU by a length of cable. This makes the head extremely compact, less than 2” longer than the lens.

The Iconix camera can output a variety of formats: 720P, 1080i, 1080p, & SD scan rates at various sync rates, 14 bit quantization, with HD-SDI, DVI-D, and analog outputs, with electronic shutter, programmable gamma, genlock, remote control and more.

This is an ideal camera for POV, for installing on a pan /tilt head for reality shows, and will be used on our Cool Cam XL-HD camera boom.

Pricing on this camera will be around $16,000.00 before lens.


Sony HD 300 /310 HD Camera

hdcx310kThis is a lightweight, multiscan HD box camera designed primarily for robotic Pan /Tilt head operation. The camera includes a remote controlled 6.7-127mm zoom lens w/ 50mm Macro focusing.

The HDC-X300K incorporates three newly developed 1/2 inch type 1.5 mega-pixel HD CCDs to offer extremely high resolution, high sensitivity, and high signal to noise ratio. It is equipped with a variety of advanced features such as: progressive scan modes, slow shutter, and auto focus function (w/ included lens). The HDCX-310 adds a fiber optic output carrying video and control signals.