New Cool Cam Camera Boom

Cool Cam Camera Boom for HDV & HD

At our own booth, we had two models of Boom Audio & Video’s Cool Cam camera boom including the brand new HDV model. Three models - HDV, XL Pro, & XL HD offer motion in 5 axis - Head Pan, Head Tilt, Boom Pan, Boom Tilt, & Boom Rotation. Dutch shots can be done in a variety of ways.

The new Cool Cam HDV has a larger camera basket with a newly designed, fully motorized Pan /Tilt head. It is the only camera boom on the market that accommodates most HDV & MiniDV camcorders on a 12 foot telescopic boom with the ability to use it on a body harness or tripod.

Cool Cam XL HD— The Cool Cam HD will be able to accommodate at least 4 broadcast quality HD live cameras just coming to the market from Iconix, Sony and Panasonic and Toshiba. We will be evaluating these cameras and configuring the electronics to accommodate them.

All Cool Cam’s can be configured to take advantage of the new Digital Video hard disk recorders. See that section for MiniDV, HDV & HD models. DVR’s eliminate the need to recapture from tape and provides a longer run time than P2 cards.

Cool Cams are available for sale and for hire with trained operators