Portable Hard Disk Video Recorders


The new nNovia  QC Deck received the NAB Event Video Product  Innovation Award and has been listed as the number 2 NAB 2006: 12 New Products to Watch.

The QC Deck, the second generation in the Quick  Capture A2D product line, features a removable  hard disc drive cartridge and HDV recording via the  1394  connection. In addition to all the features of the  Quick Capture A2D, the QC Deck has added the  following special features:

  • Selectable (After Recording) File System: Fat32  or NTFS.
  • More File Types: AVI, MOV, MXF (OP1A), M2T  (Digital mode only).
  • 8 second pre-record.
  • Timelapse Recording: Preset increments or  Trigger.
  • Editable Time & Date Recording.
  • Transactional File System.
  • Auto Play & Auto Record.
  • Supports Different Volume ID's: Mount multiple  units at once.
  • Removable Cartridge can be connected directly  to computer: optional USB or 1394 cable.
  • Tally Light: Record Indicator and Low Capacity  Drive Indicator.
QC A2D_front
  • Applications:
    -Stand-alone NLE and linear editing
    -Wedding & Event videography
    -Capture assist; VTR emulation
    -Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
    -Electronic Field Production (EFP)
    -Field Acquisition
  • Key Features:
    - Compact & lightweight
    - Integrated IDE HDD
    - Records raw DV and converrts to "edit-ready" clips
    - Organize content as you record
    - 99 numbered BINs, each with up to 99 video clips
    - Backlit LCD displays video clip information
    - Mark while shooting
    - Instant access to mark locations.
    - Up to 6 hours of continuous recording using an 80 GB HDD
    - VTR emulation
    - Simple VTR-like push button controls
    - Compatible with all popular DV camcorders
    - 100% compatible with most all PC and Apple NLE systems and IEEE-1394 capture cards
    - Two selectable user operating modes
    - VTR mode
    - HDD mode
    - One IEEE-1394 DV Input /Output 6-pin connector
    - Anti-Shock Engineering
    - Operates either with Battery or A/C Adapter

The QuickCapture A2D was designed for professional videographers shooting with either analog or digital camcorders to capture “Edit-Ready” clips directly to an internal hard disk drive during field shooting. This eliminates the lengthy “capture” process, saving significant time and money. QuickCapture A2D also provides for immediate playback of captured digital content to an analog monitor in either NTSC or PAL formats. Clips can be organized while shooting for quick access, then instantly accessed by a non-linear editor (NLE) such as Adobe Premeire when post-production commences.

Why Shoot with QuickCapture A2D?

  • Bi-Directional Analog / Digital Operation
    - Record digital video from an analog camcorder directly to hard disk in "edit ready" file formats.
    - Playback digital video content to a analog monitor.
  • Save Time and Money:
    - Instant edit, no capture required
    - High-speed downloads
  • Rough-cut, Raw DV Editing:
    - Mark during shooting for quick clip location.
    - Instantly search to “mark” locations for efficient downloading.
  • Edit Ready File Format Conversion:
    - .MOV to .AVI file format. (Canopus; Matrox; Microsoft Type-2)
    - Ensures compatibility with most all major NLE systems.
  • Secure:
    - No more than two seconds of video content will be lost in the event of power failure while recording.
    - Dual media recording: User always records to both tape and QuickCapture A2D.
  • Convenience:
    Ultra long recording times: No more 80 minute tape limitations. Record up to 6 hours on an 80GB HDD!
    - Rechargable, battery-operated design with belt-worn case.
    - Compact, lightweight and highly portable.
    - Simple, yet robust operation: No formatting required!
  • Reliable and Highly Compatible:
    - Stand-alone, non-linear editing
    - Accepts SMPTE time code input to genlock analog camcoders!
    - Accepts all IEEE 1394 AV commands from your NLE and camcorder.
    - Supports IEEE-1394 DV camcorders; NTSC or PAL.
    - Durable, anti-shock engineering.