New K-Tek at NAB

At NAB 2006 K-Tek introduced a new low cost shock mount and expanded their line of wind screens.

Modeled after their GSM suspension mount, the new KE-US shock mount has a simpler carriage, uses the same suspender system, and features a 3/8” swivel mount. A hotshoe mount should also be available soon.

The KE-US is being marketed under the Avalon line of low cost boom poles.


The Zeppelin line of Fuzzy wind shields, which was introduced last year as a one piece shield /mount product, now includes a shield only product for use with any suitable shock mount. These highly effective and lower cost wind shields feature three layer construction. An inner layer of low density foam approximates a dead air space, an outer layer of high desity foam absorbs air movement, and a furry cover buffers wind and rain. The one-piece Zeppelin is a very cost effective product which uses the wind shield as an integral part of the shock mount.