LCD Monitors

Marshall Electronics

Marshall Electronics has an extensive line of high quality, reliable LCD monitors for viewing analog and digital SD & HD signals for framing, color, even focus.

At the NAB, Marshall showcased several new LCD monitors including their line of 2.4 MegaPixel dual and single 8.4" and 10.4" LCD rack units and monitors with all Digital Video  processing as well as a single stand alone 8.4” unit.. There are many different models to choose  from in each screen size. Input options include: composite video, SDI, HDSDI, HD  Analog, Component, and VGA only units. There are also the "Cadillac" models that  feature every input available on one unit.

Also NEW this year is their Native 1920 x1080 Resolution 23" HD LCD monitor (V-R231P-AFHD) with optional  desktop stand or rack kit. Available Inputs and features of this unit  are:
Blue  Screen; Center Mark; Mono Display; 6 Frame Marker Overlay; HDSDI; SDI; Componenet Analog; VGA; DVI-I


Cool Touch Monitors

This former OEM manufacturer is a new player in the field, promising lower prices and superior engineering, circuits and components for their rack mounted and hand held LCD monitors. Two models they showed will be of particular interest to ENG people, a 4” 4:3, and a 7” 15:9 monitor built into a clear covered, weather resistant plastic box with external BNC inputs and DC power.