I generally don’t follow or comment on lighting , but this little guy utilizes a new light source with amazing flexibility.

The Zylight is a palm sized (5.4”x2”), 11 ounce fixture that packs 230 high power light elements, known as an HD-LED’s, within a 1 inch square lens. It casts 160° of beautifully soft light with no hotspots or fringing, can produce ANY color in the rainbow including pastels, and has presets for calibrated 3200k & 5600k, plus additional user presets. No gels are ever needed, and 3” adapters such as barn doors can easily be used. It will make the perfect on-camera light, plus multiple Zylights can be wirelessly linked together for lighting very large areas.  Because of its small size and low heat output, I can see it being useful for cookies, wall washes, accents, and lots more.

For under $900.00, this is one impressive light.