Home Land Security

A port is being monitored by security officials and there are several people  constantly watching port activity and ship movements at sea. Instant  communications is necessary between central control room personnel and others  located at key vantage points and in mobile vehicles. In addition,  interface to Coast Guard, local police, local fire department, and weather  service liaison officials are provided. Instant and reliable  communications ability is critical to insure homeland security and public  safety. No time can be wasted while operators hunt for telephone  numbers and try to handle multiple communications devices typically used for  individual tasks.

Port security Virtual Control Panel

Coast Guard – Coast Guard Command Channel      Tower – Control Tower

Radio 1 – Radio Channel 1                                 Radio 2 – Radio Channel 2

North Watch – North Watch Tower                     South Watch – South Watch Tower

Command – Port Security Command                   Weather – Weather Service

Fire – Local Fire Department Liaison                     Police – Local Police Liaison

Radar – Radar Operator                                     Port Ops – Port Operations Group