Industrial Applications

Aircraft Testing Virtual Control Panel

Test Director
– Test Director                              Tower – Control Tower

VHF Radio – Very High Frequency Radio Channel     UHF Radio – Ultra High Frequency Radio

Pilot – Aircraft Pilot Radio Channel                        Safety – Range Safety Officer And Team

Flight Data – Flight Data Group                            Avionics – Avionics Team

Eng. Team – Engineering Team                            Telemetry – Telemetry Team

Emergency –Test Base Emergency Channel           Paging – Hanger and Shop Area Paging

Test aircraft is being flown in the area of a test base and all the systems on the aircraft are undergoing tests.  The test team is located in a ground station and is interconnected to the base wide communications and support infrastructure.  Constant and critical communications must be maintained among individual groups in their respective disciplines as well as with an overall test director, control tower, range safety officer/team, and emergency personnel such as fire and medical services.  In addition the test could span an area that includes additional ground stations at distant locations.  The test success and the safety of ground personal and the public require highly dynamic, fast, and complex communications.

Power Generation Virtual Control Panel

Plant 1
– Generator Plant 1                      Control Room – Control Room

Plant 2 – Generator Plant 2                      Field Crew – Field Crew (radios)

Plant 3 – Generator Plant 3                      Security – Security Department (radios)

Plant 4 – Generator Plant 4                      Maintenance – Maintenance Dept.

Gen. Room
– Local Generator Room           Eng. Office – Engineering Office

Plant Mgr. – Plant Manager                      Paging – Outside Area Page

A regional electrical power distribution grid is operated and monitored from a control room located within a power plant.  This plant is connected with other plants in a regional power sharing grid.  The combined operation as well as each individual plant must be constantly monitored to insure reliable and consistent operation.  The plants must be able to communicate at several levels in a seamless manner.  Each plant has several operators who must be in constant touch with local personnel as well as with each other.   Security, interoperability with other communications systems, and system flexibility are critical.

Auto Salvage Yard Network

Auto Recycling or salvage yards sell parts from vehicles that are no longer operational. In today’s networked world, if a particular yard does not have the part a customer requires, they can attempt to locate that part at other yards. Analog telephone Hoot n Hollar party lines have been used to create a private party line network linking many yards together. However, it is very expensive to link locations outside the local LATA area together, and the telephone companies are phasing out these services, plus very few technicians are trained to maintain them, making service very difficult and time consuming to get.

The Vcom Connect system creates a party line network using any internet connection available at each yard’s location - From a dedicated high speed broadband connection right down to dial up. Audio quality and levels are dependable and remotely controllable by the administrator, as is access to the party line. Usage and quality reports are also available. Internet circuits do not need to be dedicated for Vcom, so business computers can share the service. A cost savings will be realized, because other than internet access, there are no monthly fees.

Four Wire analog handset phones can be utilized, or speaker bases with push to talk gooseneck microphones can be supplied.