Special Events


World  Class Events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics Summer Games are years in the  making requiring hundreds of creative and planning meetings leading up to  rehearsals a few weeks prior. Assembling all team members at the venue prior to  the Games is not practical, especially as many involved work multiple shows. Utilizing a team member’s home or office PC and an internet connection, VCOM would afford team leaders instantaneous access to team members with no dialing or number searching and the power to manage simultaneous communications with multiple separate work groups while maintaining privacy between individual groups. In addition, individual  groups may be joined together further enhancing flexibility.

Pre Production Team Members

Executive Producer – Beijing

Translator – Beijing

Creative Producer – United States

Creative Producer - France

Creative Producer – Italy / Australia

Production Designer - England

Musical Director – anywhere in the world

Choreographer - anywhere in the world

Technical Director – anywhere in the world

Associate Producer – anywhere in the world

Mechanical Engineering – multiple locations

Graphic Arts - anywhere in the world

Live Event Production

For a live televised event, the show production and engineering team need to communicate with each other, from front of house to back stage, as well as to one or more production trucks and /or the broadcast host studio, transmission facilities, and maybe even other live event sites in other locations.

Traditionally, each venue would require a hardware matrix or multiple party line channels for local comm’s. For external comm’s, analog telco hybrid links between the venue’s intercom systems provide only one point to point duplex talk path per hybrid. To support the addressing of specific locations within each venue multiple hybrids are required. 

With VCOM, a single virtual matrix located anywhere in the world can provide as many channels of local venue comm’s as required (in multiple venues), AND accommodate multiple external comm’s to other facilities or venues, AND can tie into hardware matrices as required.

Venue comm’s can be facilitated via a standard ethernet network over CAT5 cable, WIFI terminal or router or wireless broadband air-card.