Hardware & Accessories for VCOM

Unlike other intercom & IFB systems, VCOM is all software and runs on common off the shelf hardware to implement a fully configurable system as simple or complex as anyone requires.

As a VCOM dealer and integrator, ATS Communications can provide a wide variety of hardware and accessories for a VCOM installation. Among the types of products we can provide are:


  • Ethernet Routers
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Powerful WiFi Access Points

PC Headsets:

  • USB /Blue Tooth Headsets
    Single & Dual Muff
  • In-Ear Headsets
  • USB Audio Interfaces for
     4-5 pin Pro XLR Headsets
  • Dual Plug PC Headsets
  • IFB Earsets

Cellular /PDA Accessories

  • Wired & Blue Tooth Headsets
  • Noise Canceling Mics
  • In-Ear design Headsets
  • IFB Earsets
  • Plug Adapters
  • Holsters & Skins
  • Extended Batteries
  • Vehicle Mounts


  • Ultra-Mobile Tablet PC’s
  • WiFi enabled PDA’s
  • New Desktops & Laptops
  • Refurbished & Warranted
    Desktops & Laptops
  • N-Computing Multi-User Terminals
  • UPS Systems
  • Vehicle Mounts

 Cellular Interfacing:

  • Cellular Ethernet routers
  • Cellular WiFi routers


  • USB Audio
  • Firewire Audio
  • GP-I/O


  • Deskptop LCD’s
  • Rack Mount LCD’s
  • Touch Screens
  • Display Mounting Hardware




The Touch Panel provides unlimited button count, goose neck mic w/ built in speaker, two USB ports for headphones & keyboard or other accessories, a Blue Tooth option, aux audio in/out option, and more


The Samsung Q1 is a perfect companion for VCOM. It can be mounted on a 3 r.u. panel, or it can be mobile with it’s Blue Tooth, WiFi & Cellular connectivity options. The touch screen is bright & big enough  for 35 large format buttons on a single page. The built-in mic array & speakers work well when USB or Blue Tooth headsets are impractical.

Samsung Ultra-Mobile Hand Held PC’s

Imagine endless possibilities from an Ultra Mobile PC than you ever thought possible. Equipped with a new split-QWERTY built-in keypad, a high-speed, Intel Ultra Mobile processor and exceptional battery life, the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra provides ultimate accessibility and versatility for all your on-the-go computing needs. At less than 9" W x 5" H x 1" D and weighing in at no more than 1.5 lbs., the Q1 reflects the latest in mobile technology integration by showcasing its new ultra-bright LED backlit touch screen LCD. Check your inbox, watch movies, edit a spreadsheet, play music, update your presentation, take photos, have a video chat, etc.

The Q1 Ultra gets high marks for its new 7" LCD touch screen. Its 1024 x 600 resolution and 300 nits add up to incredible brightness. And, the LED backlight reduces battery consumption. The Q1 offers 802.11b/g wireless as standard and options for Bluetooth 2.0+EDR & a built in HSDPA Cellular Air card
(AT&T /T-Mobile).

Most models have a built in Video /Still camera, a built in dual mic array & speakers for capturing images and VoIP video conferencing & VCOM.

The Q1 Ultra was built for speed. The split QWERTY keypad lets you input text quickly, easily and comfortably. Add a mouse button and an eight-way mouse/joystick button, and browsing the internet is a breeze. BUT the Q1 also offers a handwriting input pad with instant character recognition for taking notes and inputting text into fields.

Other available options are Flash Memory Drive, extended battery (AC adapter is included), docking station, USB keyboard, & car kit.


Getac ruggedized Laptops, Tablets, & PDA’s.

The pictured E100 is a 3 pound watertight tablet with an 8.4” screen and includes
802.11b/g WLAN and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity as standard features.
Optional Features include:  EV-DO or HSDPA/GPRS networks and integrated GPS, an ultra-bright sunlight-readable display, and an 800 nits backlit LCD screen for astonishing readability.