VCOM is a Multi-Channel, Multi-Access, Non-Blocking
IoIP (Intercom over Internet Protocol) communications system operating on Windows & Linux systems, and MACs running Windows, Parallels or Bootcamp.

Using a dedicated server /multiple client architecture, VCOM clients see a graphic button panel on their screen.
Each button can be assigned as:

  • another individual client
  • a party line group
  • an audio program source
  • a dial-up telco line
    (call & answer)
  • a two-way radio
    (with auto-transmit keying)
  • an intercom circuit
    from a wired system


  • event supervision or control
    (indicator or actuator)





Dedicated Servers can reside anywhere on the internet or intranet.
Portable Servers for confined local area communications can run on a fast laptop

Client software can be run on any Desktop, Laptop, portable Tablet, or Windows Mobile device (smart phone /PDA) with an internet, intranet, WiFi, WiMax, or cellular broadband connection.

SIP Phone Compatible - SIP phones, IP telephone systems, and VoIP Gateways can be configured as VCOM clients for direct access without a computer.

External devices and audio sources can connect to the server or any client PC and be accessible from any other client panel configured for it.

Event Supervision & Control - using GP I/O interfacing, events (such as a door opening) can be monitored, and controls (such as opening a door or keying a radio transmitter) can be triggered from any user panel configured for it.

IntraCom Systems, LLC is a developer of sophisticated voice communications systems to mission critical markets.

Their core offering, VCOM Patent Pending, is an all  software,  multi-channel/multi-access Intercom  over Internet Protocol (IoIP) based on a dedicated server, multiple client architecture.

 VCOM readily interfaces with other communications systems, can be deployed  almost immediately, and enables complex communications scenarios  without geographical limitations.

Leverage VCOM to:
-easily  connect multiple locations
-bridge  disparate comm’s systems
-set-up instantly at remote venues
-runs on any PC computer

 Highlighted Features:
-Individual  level controls
-Non  blocking communications
-Point-to-Point & Conferencing ability
-Connect  anywhere, even over dial-up
-Interoperable:  2-way radio, phone, etc.
-Automatic  gain equalization
-Readily scalable with no hardware changes

Old Comms VSM


New Comms
VCom Control Panel

 VCOM  is an all software IoIP consisting of a server-side Virtual Matrix summing/mixing engine and  client-side control panels for  multi-channel/multi-access professional communications and beyond.  The VCom Virtual Matrix has the analogous function of a hardware based digital intercom matrix used for decades in live performance and broadcast production, as well as civil and defense markets. In all these applications highly dynamic, fast, and complex communications are essential. The summing aspect of the system is also analogous to the functionality of a conference bridge used over a public or  private switched telephone network. VCOM runs on standard computer and network hardware and is based on a dedicated server, multiple client architecture. In addition, VCOM bridges disparate intercom and voice communications systems and can be used with hardware based intercom systems, two-way  radios, and public/private telephone networks.

 The VCOM Control Panel emulates the  functionality of professional intercom control consoles (see  Application  Examples above). Used on dedicated PC or wireless handheld devices they provide basic point-and-click control for establishing talk and/or listen voice paths. Multiple group and individual voice paths can be established simultaneously and multiple conferences can be  accommodated in any complexity.  Subscribers may talk and/or listen in a  single conference or multiple conferences, in any combination and in any  sequence.  All basic paths are set up in advance and are ”always on” for  instant (multiple) channel access for talking and monitoring. Telco Dialing as in a normal telephone system is available to allow seamless interoperability with the public (or a private) switched telephone network.

VCOM is configured from the System Administration application that allows for dynamic configuration from any workstation
(learn  more).

 VCOM readily scales to hundreds of users, is built on a highly flexible platform, and coincides with a broad movement within industry and government to  use widely deployed IP infrastructures and commercially available computer  hardware.