U.S. Distributor for Rowi Clampods and Table Tripods

All of these products have been effectively discontinued by the manufacturer.
We have very limited inventory left.
For Clamp & Tripod replacements see our
Accessories page.

The 76 Clamp is the most popular. All metal construction for durable service with a ball and socket head and 32mm clamping width . A tree screw is built into the shaft.
Body - 2 3/4" H x 2 1/2" W

The 79 Clampod is constructed of a metal core with a strong, lightweight duroplastic shell. It has a 36mm clamping width, a ball and socket head and 2 metal legs stored insde the body.
Body - 3 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W

The 103 Clamp is the heavy duty champ with a 60mm clamping width. All metal construction with the ball and socket head on a two section 160 mm (7") extendable column and a tree screw built into the body.
Body - 4" H x 2 3/4" W

The 1101 high grade plastic folding table tripod stands 4" tall with rubber feet and a ball head allowing front /back rotation and side-axis compensation. 5 1/8" long closed.

The 74 Aluminum folding table tripod is extremely compact, yet has 5 section telescopic legs for extra stability. Rubber feet and clamped ball head.   4.25" long closed, stands 3.75"- 6.75" tall

The 77 tripod is has 5 section telescopic legs similar to the 74 with a ball and socket head and a lower price. It is available in Silver and Blue.  4.5” long closed, 9” extended.

The 104 tripod is similar to the 77 with 3 section telescopic legs.

6” long closed,  11.4” extended

    Rowi Accessories

From top left:

Rowi 71 - Permanent mount Accessory Shoe

Rowi 1017 - Lens Cleaning Kit

Rowi 57 - Shoe adapter w/1/4-20 threads

Rowi 58A - 58 w/ 3/8-16 & 5/8-27 thread adapters

Rowi 58 - Shoe adapter w/1/4-20 threads & 2 locknuts

Rowi 54 - 1.5in. dia. Ball & Soicket head

Rowi 61 - 1.25in dia. Ball & Soicket head

Rowi 63 1in dia. Ball & Soicket head

Note: 54, 61, & 63 have 3/8-27 female base w/ 1/4-20 reducer installed.