Many have told us that there needed to be a better way to mike a piano for churches, performing arts centers and recording studios. The new Earthworks PianoMic System meets all of these needs:

 It all started when sound contractors informed us that they had tried all types of microphones and microphone pickup systems for pianos in churches. They didn’t like the sound they were getting, they didn’t like the microphone stands in front of the piano, they couldn’t get enough sound level before feedback and they were also getting leakage from nearby instruments into the piano microphones. In addition, engineers in recording studios told us how difficult it was to record an acoustic piano in the same room with other instruments. When we let churches and recording studios take the PianoMic prototype for a test drive they were amazed and said it was an absolute winner, hands down! If you have a piano in a church, performing arts center or in a recording studio you too will be amazed when you see and hear the new Earthworks PianoMic System featuring Random Incidence High Definition Microphones.

For recording studios the PianoMic System is a dream. You will never again have to spend the time and effort to mike a piano with stands and booms. Just place the PianoMic System inside the piano, position the two microphone heads where you want them and you are done. Anytime you want to record the piano, just plug the PianoMic System into your mic inputs and you are ready. Never again will recording engineers have to go to great lengths to record an acoustic piano in the same room with other instruments. Historically, they have had to place microphone booms inside the piano, close the piano lid (leaving room for the mic stand booms) then cover the piano and the openings around the mic booms with heavy moving blankets. It is a nightmare. With the PianoMic System, you simply close the piano lid (which will now close all the way because there are no mic booms) and you are in business. Leakage is insignificant, and if that’s not good enough, you can now very easily cover the piano with a moving blanket (without having to work around microphone stands and mic booms). Recording studio engineers who have seen and used the PianoMic System say the PianoMic is incredible!

We took the PianoMic System into a church that was having piano sound problems: (1) they couldn’t use the piano along with the organ, because the piano microphone went into feedback; (2) they were having problems with leakage from instruments in the orchestra into the piano microphone; (3) they could not get the piano loud enough in the choir monitors without running into feedback; (4) they could not hear the full range of the piano (low, mid and high strings) evenly; and (5) they were not happy with the overall quality of the piano sound in the sound system. When they tried the PianoMic System they obtained an incredible piano sound and could hear the full range of the piano including the high and low strings. They could now make the piano louder than the organ (without feedback). The choir members were now telling them to turn down the piano in the choir monitors and orchestra instrument leakage into the piano microphones was no longer a problem. The Earthworks® PianoMic System overcame every problem they were encountering with their piano sound.

The Earthworks® PianoMic High Definition Microphones do remarkable things with the sound of a piano. You will hear fidelity and detail like never before. Acoustic feedback is no longer a problem. You can have all of the sound level you want and even more, all you will hear is the pristine sound of the piano. Better yet, there are no visible microphone stands or mic booms in front of the piano. All you see is the piano just like it is in the adjacent photo of a performing arts center while you enjoy its magnificent sound. The PianoMic System is also ideal for use in touring sound systems as it is easy to transport, easy to position and it will provide the same pristine sound quality every time. The Earthworks PianoMic System is a long-awaited, incredible product for performing arts centers. The PianoMic System has it all!

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