ROCK  N ROLLER FEATURES: Award-Winning Design

Revolutionary  Frames Instantly Transform Into 8  Configurations

Rugged steel material
No removable pins to lose
Patented design
Ships via UPS

Innovative  Casters And Wheels

Patent-pending concentric  hole design is structurally strong  yet gives casters lighter weight.  Soft thermoplastic tread bonded to  polymer hub gives smoother and quieter  ride than cheaper plastic wheels.  It also looks cool!

The R2 Micro uses specially designed  6"x1.50" rear wheels that are extremely  strong yet light weight. Polyurethane  tread bonded to a polymer hub rolls  smooth & quiet. Unique modern design  lets you stand out from the crowd.

Pneumatic wheels absorb shock to  delicate equipment and smoothly roll  over rough surfaces such as dirt,  grass, & concrete. Tires have  inner tubes for easy maintenance.  Specially designed polymer hubs with  roller bearings are up to 40% lighter  than steel hub wheels.

New No-Flat Tires now available

The R12 uses patent-pending pneumatic  swivel casters that are very lightweight,  strong, and have a special dampener  to resist wheel wobble. They also  feature quick-change pop-off wheels  for smaller storage profile and easy  service in the field.

Bold modern design. 4" casters  with soft tread roll smoother over  rough terrain than typical 2"  or 3" casters used on small carts.

More  Features

R12 pneumatic casters  & wheels roll easily roll over  dirt and grass.

R2 carries huge loads  but folds small to fit in airline  overheads or large suitcases.

Ingeniously folds down to take up  little storage space

Meets airport baggage requirements

2-wheel handtruck's long  nose ergonomically pulls bulky loads  toward you when lifting

* Colors and  specifications subject to change without  notice

Click,  Click. Its So Quick!  Changes Configurations  In 2 Seconds!

Firmly push down on release cable while raising  other end of foldable side until side locks in  upright position.

Stand cart upright as shown. Loosen wingbolts  1/4 turn & pull frame upward until extension  stop button engages. Firmly retighten wingbolts.  Push in extension stop button & reverse  procedure to retract frame to minimum length.

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