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CoolCam is available for hire with operators


Premiering in 2007, the CoolCam HD utilizes the CoolCam XL Pro & HDV platforms to support a variety of remote head and  single-box broadcast quality live HD cameras. For most of these cameras, a remote camera/lens controller is available for paint, black, white, gamma, & iris control.

Examples of compatible HD cameras are:
Toshiba (New model 2007)
  1/3” 3CCD 1080i,
Silicon Imaging SI-2K -
  2/3” single CMOS 1080p,
Ikegami HLD-20
  2/3” 2CCD 1080i,
Sony HDCX-300/310 (with integrated lens)
  1/2” 3CCD 1080i
Panasonic AK_HC1500
  2/3” 3CCD 1080i/p, 720p
Hitachi DK-H31 /32
  2/3” 3CCD 1080i /720p
Hitachi DK-H30
  1/3” 3CCD 108i /720p,
All except Sony would be coupled with Fujinon motorized zoom lenses.