Kit Cool
Microphone Boom Pole Support System

Take the weight off your arms and let your belt take the weight!

"Swinging a boom pole can be very tiring and hard work.
I did that for 15 years.
I invented the flexible, mobile and lightweight Kit Cool system to take the weight of the boom off my arms and shoulders."

Pascal Coulombier


This unique support offers total freedom, moving forward and back, and rotating around its own axis for precise microphone positioning.
Kit Cool enables single handed operation of the boom pole on the move. The other hand is free to operate the mixer,
or to hold the support when desired.
The Kit Cool is regularly used in movie studios in Paris, Munchen, London, Lodz & the U.S.
It is used in the video industry for TV, films, magazines and news.
You will wonder how you have managed without it!

 Before, a chair was

...often necessary!

We don’t need no stinkin’ chair!

Optional harness for long poles





What is the Kit Cool?

 This ingenious device allows a boom pole to be supported by one hand, even overhead. The three section telescopic support pole is adjustable from 23-36 inches from your belt, and has an innovative and effective turn clutch - simply adjust to the correct height then twist the vertical markers into alignment to lock.

The Kit Cool pole is supported by a belt clip and a neck strap with a chest cushion. The cradle has foam covered rollers which allow your boom pole to be positioned and moved in all directions without vibration, reducing arm strain and even freeing one hand for mixer level adjustment, moving obstacles or other essential activities.

A Heavy Duty Harness is available for the professional Boom handler. It includes a full belt with integrated clip and a chest harness.
For heavy loads, there is a Heavy Duty Cradle available, replacing the composite cradle frame with aluminum, and the foam covered wheels with with rubber.

The weight of the pole, standard cradle & belt clip is only 1 pound. All component for the Kit Cool are available as spare & replacement parts:
roller cradle, tube, belt clip, shoulder strap, four foam wheels.

The Kit Cool is guaranteed for one year with the exception of the foam wheels.
The Kit Cool
is patented and made under license by BOOM Audio & Video - France

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