U.S. Distributor for Rowi Clampods and Table Tripods

All of these products have been effectively discontinued by the manufacturer.
We have very limited inventory left.
For Clamp & Tripod replacements see our
Accessories page.

    We are proud to import the Rowi brand of microphone clamps and table tripods to the U.S. Every ENG crew uses them, and they find their way into almost all film and video production applications.

    All clamps & tripods are available in the following packages indicated by suffix:  None - Display Package;  B - Bulk Packed (each unit in plastic bag);  A - Two nested thread adapters included:  3/8-16 (boompole) & 5/8-27 (std. mic clip).   B & A may be combined indicating bulk packed with adapters.

The 76 Clamp is the most popular. All metal construction for durable service with a ball and socket head and 32mm clamping width . A tree screw is built into the shaft.
Body - 2 3/4" H x 2 1/2" W

The 79 Clampod is constructed of a metal core with a strong, lightweight duroplastic shell. It has a 36mm clamping width, a ball and socket head and 2 metal legs stored insde the body.
Body - 3 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W

The 103 Clamp is the heavy duty champ with a 60mm clamping width. All metal construction with the ball and socket head on a two section 160 mm (7") extendable column and a tree screw built into the body.
Body - 4" H x 2 3/4" W

The 1101 high grade plastic folding table tripod stands 4" tall with rubber feet and a ball head allowing front /back rotation and side-axis compensation. 5 1/8" long closed.

The 74 Aluminum folding table tripod is extremely compact, yet has 5 section telescopic legs for extra stability. Rubber feet and clamped ball head.   4.25" long closed, stands 3.75"- 6.75" tall

The 77 tripod is has 5 section telescopic legs similar to the 74 with a ball and socket head and a lower price. It is available in Silver and Blue.  4.5” long closed, 9” extended.

The 104 tripod is similar to the 77 with 3 section telescopic legs.

6” long closed,  11.4” extended

    Rowi Accessories

From top left:

Rowi 71 - Permanent mount Accessory Shoe

Rowi 1017 - Lens Cleaning Kit

Rowi 57 - Shoe adapter w/1/4-20 threads

Rowi 58A - 58 w/ 3/8-16 & 5/8-27 thread adapters

Rowi 58 - Shoe adapter w/1/4-20 threads & 2 locknuts

Rowi 54 - 1.5in. dia. Ball & Soicket head

Rowi 61 - 1.25in dia. Ball & Soicket head

Rowi 63 1in dia. Ball & Soicket head

Note: 54, 61, & 63 have 3/8-27 female base w/ 1/4-20 reducer installed.