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When you can not treat the room, treat the mic!

The Reflexion Filter is a portable device for recording live sound sources with greatly reduced room ambience. It is an advanced composite boundary which is positioned behind any microphone by means of a variable position stand clamp assembly which ships with the product . The main function is to help obtain a dry vocal or instrument recording.

The Reflextion filter has 6 main layers to diffuse, dissipate and absorb sound energy in both directions. Its  shape and size have been carefully tested to maximize absorption  while keeping coloration down to only around 1dB (by independent lab tests), and leaving  the microphone polar pattern unaffected.

All the hardware required to mount it on a standard mic stand is included. ATS Ram mount products add additional mounting options.

The New Instrument Reflexion Filter
is a smaller & lower cost version with a hole for end address mics.


Reflexion Filter
w/ ATS Ram mounting option

 ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. is the world leader in sound shield technologies and has the most durable products on  the market, uncompromising customer support and fast turn-around  so you can put their acoustic products to work sooner. Typically employed in live music applications, Clearsonic products can be used as portable Voiceover booths, isolation booths, sound shielding for on-camera talent booths, and more.

Select from either their Acrylic Panel, or there ‘Sorber Panel.


Clearsonic CSP Panels and Isobooths
Made from a high quality, 1/4-inch thick clear acrylic, CSP panels are available in groups of 2-7 sections, with each section measuring from 2’-4’ side, and 4’-5.5’ high. Add-on height extenders and additional sections are available.

The durable, full-length transparent hinge allows panels to fold "accordion style" for easy  transport and storage. No gaps between panels exist for sound to escape. Small cable cut-outs between the bottom corners of all panels are standard.

For added scratch resistance and preserving optical clarity, Arylite AR (abrasion resistant) panels are available with coating on both sides. Offering 40 times greater resistance to marring, scratching, and chemical attack, AR acrylic can be cleaned with standard ammonia-based cleaners without worry of fogging.

Protective cases are available for packing, storing, and carrying panels.

Clearsonic ‘Sorber Panels
While the Clearsonic CSP panels are effective sound shields, they are somewhat reflective in nature. ‘Sorber panels are sound absorbent. They can be used in conjunction with the CSP panels, or on their own. Short ‘Sorber panels can be used with CSP panels (as above) or as wall treatments. Tall 2-section ‘Sorber panels are hinged to be free standing.


ghostlogoGhost Acoustics offers a line of innovative, simple to use, and highly effective broad band acoustics panels for professional, project studio, rehearsal and consumer applications.

 The starting point for the range is  the 'Block' absorber built around an aluminum steel inner frame. The construction  is layers of highly compressed glass fibre (100Kg per cubic Metre),  with layers of Aluminum foil which help break up lower frequency  wave forms. These layers are covered with a fully fire retardant  fabric and the whole structure is bound with a brushed Aluminum  frame, which both allows diffusion and looks great! There are currently 5 product in the line.

The products are all fully fire retardant, and also unlike the many foam based solutions on the market  GHOST absorbers will work much more efficiently to absorb low frequency information as well as HF.

GHOST In summary:



Fire retardant all Ghost products are manufactured  using only Class A Fire retardant products (Steel, Aluminium,  Glass fibre and fire retardant Polyester fabric)


Frequency full range absorption for all panels  down to 100Hz, much more efficient than foam tiles


Flexible Ghost products do not require permanent  fixing with glue (like foam based products). As such they are  both portable, and have multiple applications.


Finish Ghost panels are very durable and look  great (foam products fade and oxidize over time and have to  be replaced as they begin to crumble and form dust).


Ready Traps are the only acoustic panel on the market today that comes in 5 standard colors, and that can be customized with your business name or logo! These acoustic panels are the only panels that are specially made with a unique stretch material that fits any room color or decor. They feature superior, breathable, proprietary fabric, a strong, durable and hidden zipper, as well as hanging straps that are built right into the bag! All Ready Trap acoustic panels and bass traps are fitted with a unique, integral hanging system which allows easy installation in either a vertical or horizontal aspect. The panels can be affixed to any wall, any corner, and any ceiling with no fuss, and no expensive tools. They are widely used in home studios, top restaurants, home theatres and professional recording studios. Standard sizes are 2’x4’, but custom sizes can be special ordered.

RT424 Broadband panels - These 4" thick panels made of 3 lbs. density semi-rigid fiberglass upholstered in a plush, sharp looking fabric wrapper. The RT424 delivers a balanced acoustical absorption suitable for treating all frequencies in your listening environment.

RT422 High Frequency Panels - These 2" thick panels made of 3 lbs. density semi-rigid fiberglass upholstered in a plush, sharp looking fabric wrapper. The RT422 delivers high performance absorption suitable for treating mid-band and high frequencies in your listening environment.

Ready Trap Bags - If you can source your own Owens Corning 703 or 705 fiber panels, Mineral fiber or Mineral wool (rock wool/ or acoustical insulation), you'll save REAL money.  The RT 424B & RT422B bags are the same as used for the panels, only empty!.

OC703 insulation