Audio Processing

As a sound mixer, I can never have enough dynamics processors. Comp/Limiters are among the primary tools in a mixing suite. Ideally, there should be one for every console input and every mix output (Aux’s, Subs, Mains). Expanders and noise gates are useful for reducing unwanted ambient noise.

While analog comp /limiters have been the mainstay in every rack, they can be expensive and consume valuable rack space. DSP based processing is a relatively new and economical technology. Within a set of inputs and outputs (ie: 4 in by 8 out,  8 in by 8 out, etc.) you can configure any number of software controlled processors, including mixers and distributors. These can be used for input processing and is especially useful for expanding and controlling matrix outputs (IFB, transmission, etc.)

Alesis Mic Preamps, Dynamics & Signal Processing, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Recorders,

ART Mic Preamps, Dynamics Processing, EQ’s, Interfacing, AC conditioning

DBX Dynamics processing

Symetrix - Mic pre’s, Voice & dynamics processing, signal interfacing, dist. Amp, Profanity Delay, etc.

Rane - Dymanics processing, EQ

Sabine - DSP processor for EQ, signal matrixing, dynamics processing, etc.