Personal Safety

Injury Protection

SW-05-Sm_over BoaBeltSetwear Gloves, Pouches & Fitness Belts
Designed specifically for production work with models for each craft and hazardous predicament, including wet weather.
If you are lifting heavy equipment like cable bundles, lights, cases, cameras, etc., a fitness belt can support your lower back, reducing stress reducing the chances of injury.

We all know that continuing exposure to loud sound does lead to hearing loss. These professional earplugs are designed to attenuate sound evenly across the hearing band.
We keep these in stock at discount prices for the industry.

tournage6Kit Cool
Microphone booming for long periods can over stress several parts of the body, especially if you are booming over your own head. This can lead to very painful and debilitating injuries. The Kit Cool was designed to alleviate that stress.