Test Gear


Minirator MR1 is the powerful, precision analog audio generator providing a comprehensive set of analog audio test signals to stimulate any analog device with a broad range of appropriate signals.Sine wave, pink noise, white noise, sweeps and many others are provided.

Output levels are continuously variable on the balanced XLR & unbalanced RCA outputs. An LCD screen shows signal parameters and battery low condition.
Convenient, reliable and optimized - Minirator fits into your pocket as well as in your budget.

NTI MiniRator


NTI MiniLyzer

Minilyzer ML1 is a handheld precision analog audio meter that provides you with a comprehensive set of functions essential for the analysis of professional audio systems.

The powerful Minilyzer continuously measures the audio signal and displays the desired results with all complementary information on an illuminated hi-res graphical LC-Display.
The Minilyzer and the MiniSPL form a comprehensive integrating sound level meter.

MiniLINK, the USB interface for the Minilyzer allows documentation and data acquisition of all ML1 functions in conjunction with the easy to use MiniLINK PC application. MiniLINK supports online data logging up to several days. Read more about MiniLINK.

Measurement functions include:

  • Level RMS, Relative (VU) +PPM
  • Sound Pressure Level
  • Distortion Analyzer (THD+N), k2 - k5 harmonics
  • VU & PPM Meter
  • Speaker Polarity Test (for all speaker types)
  • Signal Balance Error
  • Frequency-/Time-Sweep Recording
  • 1/3rd Octave Spectrum RMS & SPLScope



NTI AcoustiLyzer

The Acoustilyzer AL1 functionality complements and expands the ML1 Minilyzer with a new and comprehensive set of acoustical measurement functions.

The optimized combination of electrical and acoustical features creates the perfect all in one tool. The Acoustilyzer AL1 is available as a palm-sized portable acoustical analyzer or as firmware for Minilyzer owners with optional available STI-PA intelligibility measurement functionality.

Functions include:

  • Sound Pressure Level: Leq, short-time Leq , LE, Lmin, Lmax,
  • Real Time Analyzer: 1/1 or 1/3 octave band resolution SPL/LEQ display per band, max - min display
  • Zoom FFT: Actual level and Leq, full band up to 0.7Hz resolution
  • Reverberation Time: RT60 with 1/1 octave band resolution, confidence indicator, according to ISO3382
  • Delay Time: Propagation delay between electrical and acoustical signal (built in mic), resolution: 0.1ms
  • STI-PA (optional): Single value STI or CIS test result, modulation indices display, individual band level results, error indicator, amplitude weighting acc. IEC 60268-16 release 2003
  • Electrical: Level RMS, THD+N, Polarity
  • Measurement microphone: Required for acquiring acoustical signals, NTI offers MiniSPL or M2010 measurement microphones

NTI DigiLyzer

The digital audio meter Digilyzer DL1 provides a comprehensive set of analysis functions for digital, audio and video related audio signals.   
It handles virtually all digital audio formats including ADAT and sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz. The simple and intuitive operation allows the user to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot any digital signals.

Debugging of digital audio signals becames easy with the assistance of the Digilyzer: Features like the integrity check, the integrated speaker with audio lens function, the logging functions, the “over all” view of all important parameters and many more functions to allow you to understand whats going on and finding faults easier than ever.

The Digilyzer is a handheld, battery powered device with optional mains power supply and optional USB interface called MiniLINK.


MiniLINK – the optional USB interface for the Minilyzer ML1 and Digilyzer DL1 puts the Minstruments into a new league of affordable measurement tools. MiniLINK is pre-installed in all Acoustilyzer AL1.

MiniLINK allows documentation and data acquisition of all ML1/AL1/DL1 functions in conjunction with the easy to use MiniLINK PC application.

Minilink enables these Minstruments to store and transfer screen shots and measurement data for post processing.

NTI MiniLink



This portable audio instrument is comprised of a precision audio oscillator, precision level meter and speaker.

The 700 Hz oscillator section features two outputs. The balanced XLR output is front-panel switch selectable for MIC or LINE level (pro level). The unbalanced output operates at -10 dBV (consumer). Output stability is suited to accurate bench top audio testing.

The audio metering circuit features two inputs, an LED meter and a monitor speaker. The balanced input is front-panel switch selectable for MIC or LINE input (pro). The unbalanced input operates at -10 dBV (consumer). Either input may be used to feed the metering circuit. For balanced +4 dBu inputs, meter 0 dB = +4 dBu. For unbalanced inputs, meter 0 dB = -10 dBV. A front-panel volume knob controls the speaker level. The IN PHASE LED illuminates when the oscillator output and metering input are in phase (0 dB level or greater). The PT-AMG2 operates either from two internal 9 volt batteries or from an external 12 Vdc to 30 Vdc supply. Test leads and bench top support bracket are included. The balanced line levels (input and output) may be preset by the user to +4 dBu or +6 dBu.


Checks XLR, 1/4", RCA, 1/8", TT & MIDI cables for continuity and/or intermittant connections. Also detects opens and shorts for each pin.

Other features include test tone generator (+4, -10, Mic), phantom power detector, grounded XLR shield detector and cable wiring display.

Ebtech Swizz Army Cable Tester


Q Box-Rev 2

An improvement on the indispensable original Q-Box.



Receives & generates AES audio with a tone generator, built-in mic, and external inputs. Tests for sample rate and good data.


Load capacity tester for Alkaline and NiMH batteries

Tests each type of battery under load and reports capacity.
Can test many sizes and voltages.

Tester for Lead /Acid batteries also available.

Butane Soldering Irons

Two heavy duty models available,
Both include assorted tips for soldering, torching, cutting, etc.