Invisible Waves RF Spectrum Analyzer


So you are a professional audio or video engineer and need to determine if your wireless equipment is going to work reliably at your location. You know you need a spectrum analyzer because you’ve tried cheaper “scanner” products before and you know that their “snapshot” technology is just not sufficient.

But you’re not an RF engineer, and don’t really want to deal with all the technical parameters of how a spectrum analyzer works.

This is design the concept of the Invisible Waves analyzer. It was built with you in mind. The control interface uses familiar terms and the displays are easy to understand. At the same time it performs highly complex analysis and produces comprehensive, meaningful reports.

General Specifications*:

  • IW1800 1KHz - 1.8GHz
  • IW3500 1KHz - 3.5GHz
  • IW7000 1KHz - 7GHz
  • Level Range (typical): -130dbm to 0dbm
  • Filter Bandwidth: 1KHz - 50MHz
  • 10PPM Frequency Stability
  • Accuracy (typical): +/- 3dB
  • Antenna Interface: 50 Ohm SMA
  • Receiver - DDS Based, Superheterodyne
  • Battery: Full Charge 4-7 hours
  • 10PPM Frequency Stability

*Specifications subject to change without notice