Green Room System

Recording an event from inside the same venue requires setting up in an acoustically isolated area. This is the only way the engineer can hear all the detail and nuances of the material they are recording. We set up the area like a temporary control room with our own studio grade monitors, acoustic treatments, and all the equipment necessary for a studio quality recording.

When such an area is not available, one of our recording vehicles would be appropriate.

For those who believe that an engineer is only as good as his equipment, we’ve certainly got that covered.
Built by industry professionals for high resolution recording, our equipment inventory includes:

  • 64 track State of the Art Nuendo 4 recording system
  • Dual Quad Core Windows XP platform with 1 TB RAID storage
  • Custom built mic preamps and equalizers
  • Analog & digital outboard dynamics processing
  • Studio quality speakers
  • Studio grade microphones - Ribbons, Tubes, Condensers, & Dynamics
  • Custom built splitter system and stage snakes
  • Several Live Broadcast mixers and complimentary equipment
  • P.A. systems and crews also available for any size event

Those who know better understand that a inexperienced engineer can make the best equipment sound
inexpensive, and that a good engineer can bring out the best in lesser gear.

We believe that an experienced engineer with great equipment
who knows how and when to use it
 is the best combination.

Our experienced engineers can handle any type of project:

  • Music for CD /Web distribution
  • Live Television
  • Film
  • Video
  • Radio
  • Corporate events

Whether you are a Network Broadcaster requiring a simultaneous live mix or a local band, we can accommodate  your needs.