About Ear Impressions for custom earmolds.

ATS Communications provides IFB Earpieces & Earsets for on-camera and technical communications as well as In-Ear monitors for performing artists. As a professional audio dealer (and working sound engineers), we understand that you are not looking for a hearing aide. Many hearing professionals who are qualified to take ear impressions do not understand the unique professional applications for in-ear monitors. We will help you select a monitor system appropriate for your application.

At the same time, ear impressions are required for a custom molded fit. Preventing injury to your ears is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we do insist that ear impressions be taken by a licensed audiologist. Never use a self-impression kit or ask a friend to do it. Your ears are very sensitive and damage to the ear drum is a too frequent occurrence. The risk is just not worth a small financial or time savings. We can assist you  in finding an audiologist in your area.

Your audiologist needs to know that we require your earpiece molds to be a full shell impression, including the helix portion of your ear. The impressions should go past the second bend of your ear canal. If you or your audiologist has any uncertainty have them contact ATS Communications.

NOTE: We require that ear impressions be taken using a silicone impression material. We cannot accept impressions made from a liquid-and-powder mixture. Liquid-and-powder material can distort easily and is prone to shrinkage, resulting in a poor fit.

When making ear impressions, start with your jaw open. As the silicone material sets (under ten minutes), move your jaw to replicate the facial movements you make while performing. On-camera talent should talk, Camera operators should whisper, Vocalists should sing; wind instrument players should bring a mouthpiece and play while the material is setting.

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