The name says it all. Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Inc. designs and manufactures custom personal monitors (IEMs) and ear plugs for the preservation of hearing. Founded in 1985 by noted audiologist Michael Santucci (MS, F-AAA), Sensaphonics addresses the issue of musicians and hearing loss with custom-fitted earphones and earplug products combined with the medical advice needed to use them effectively. Headquartered in Chicago with a network of audiologists that have trained specifically to serve the special hearing needs of musicians, sound engineers and television talent.

Sensaphonics sound-isolating earphones are uncompromising, cutting-edge products for definitively high-end use. Our new 3D Active Ambient IEM system is the first ambient earphones to add completely natural, fully directional stage sound to musicians' in-ear monitor mix. Our ProPhonic 2X earphones are the only ones approved and used by NASA in outer space, while the ProPhonic 2X-S is favored by musicians for its exceptional sound quality, comfort, and isolation. Our e-Racer 500 is the official, required earphones for Indy Racing League (IRL) and CART drivers. The same high quality attracts customers in symphony orchestras, houses of worship, major theatrical productions, television technnical crew and on-camera talent.

Sensaphoncs also offer custom-fit sleeves for use with universal-fit earphones from Shure and Etymotic for those who find themselves wotking in or enjoying high noise activites such as motor sports, firearms, and loud concerts.

The point of all this is to provide hearing protection for people who work in noisy environments. By isolating the ear from unwanted sound, custom earphones allow our customers hear only what they want or need to hear with exceptional sound quality. This creates several major benefits, most notably the ability to listen at reduced volume, which increases safe exposure time while improving concentration and focus. That translates to better performances and longer careers.

Sensaphonics is committed to maintaining the valuable gift of hearing by designing and manufacturing innovative, state-of-the-art hearing protectors and by heightening awareness of occupational and recreational sound hazards. Their unique qualification for this mission is medical expertise, combined with an in-depth understanding of customer needs. Anyone can sell hardware. Working together for many years, Sensaphonics and ATS Communications provides both the products and expertise to ensure a lifetime of safe hearing.



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