The ProPhonic TC-1000™ is the first telecommunications earset to combine superior two-way sound quality in one custom-molded earphones. Originally designed in 1998 to deliver clear two-way speech communications on the noisy trading floors of the Chicago Board of Trade, the TC-1000 is now used by stage directors, lighting techs and directors, television camera operators & directors and other backstage production personnel. The TC-1000 has also been tested and approved by NASA for use on the International Space Station.

The TC-1000 consists of a lightweight, noise-canceling microphone mounted on a custom molded earphones. A high fidelity micro-transducer is completely housed within the earphones to provide maximum isolation from ambient noise. The ear-mounted swivel microphone can be moved both vertically and horizontally for precise placement and maximum noise reduction. The entire microphone/earphones assembly weighs less than a half-ounce and the custom-fit earphones stays securely in place, so the TC-1000 can be worn comfortably all day.

ProPhonic TC-1000 Specifications

Earpiece: Custom-molded gel silicone, transparent

Microhone : Noise-cancelling bi-directional self powered condenser with swivel base

Isolation: -15 dBA from ambient noise

Accessory : Cleaning tool included

Warranty : 1 year from date of purchase


The modular design of the TC-1000 can be used for on-air talent , PL intercom, cellular phones, desk phones or standard two-way radios by simply changing to the appropriate interface box..

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