VT750 Lightweight Headset Communicator

 This inconspicuous and lightweight professional headset is ideal for TV, film, video, 2 way radio applications and noisy surroundings. The earplug replaces the muff type headset for lighter fit and gives 12 to 20dB protection from moderate noise. A one size fits all soft earplug is connected to the ear via the acoustic tube attached to the receiver. If desired, the open ear can be protected by a standard earplug. An adjustable boom mic permits precise placement. The microphone is of a high sound quality noise cancelling electret type. The microphone capsule and boom are moisture protected by molded injection. The headband and speaker are sealed for protection against rain, dust and perspiration to give greater lifespan

VT750 prod_pic

VT750 Specifications:

Generating Element:
Polar Pattern:

Frequency Response:
Sensitivity (@ 1kHz):



Cable Pull Strenght:


Back Electret Microphone
Bi-Directional, Noise canceling

-38dB re 1V/Pascal
Typical (2-wire)
RFI Shielded & filtered,
water resistant
250 Ohm
45 grams
Windscreen, PTT Switch,
radio connectors
30 kg


VT 750

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