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Ultimate IFB Ear Monitor

ATS Communications and Sensaphonics introduces the first significant advancement in IFB earpiece technology for live broadcasting and teleprompting with the Ultimate IFB Earset. Designed as the first true full-isolation interruptible foldback (IFB) earphones for broadcasting and teleprompting, the ProPhonic 321™ provides outstanding performance for both crew and on-air talent. Unlike traditional IFB earphones, the custom-molded ProPhonic 321 places a micro-transducer directly within the ear canal, providing 26 dB of isolation from external sounds so that critical communications can be heard and understood in even the noisiest environments without - raising the volume.

Cosmetically, the miniature design of the ProPhonic 321 completely disappears into the ear, connecting to the IFB monitor system via a near-invisible Teflon-coated wire connected directly to the earphones. The Ultimate IFB from ATS Communications is customized with a 2-pin connector jack compatible with Telex style wires. Because its soft gel silicone material is custom-molded by a Sensaphonics audiologist, the ProPhonic 321 is incredibly comfortable, even during prolonged use. Sound quality is clean and clear, designed for high intelligibility and low-distortion.

The ProPhonic 321 is available in binaural (dual earphones) and monaural (single ear) designs.

ProPhonic 321 Ultimate IFB Specifications

Type: Custom-molded IFB earphones
Frequency Response: 200-6000 Hz
Impedance: 725 ohms @ 1kHz, 395 ohms @ 500 Hz
Sensitivity: 102dB SPL @ 100Hz
Distortion: <2% @ 800Hz
Max Power Output: 104dB SPL
Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
Price includes: Ear impression, hard-shell case, cleaning tool, and pocket storage pouch Custom Options: We offer custom colors
(up to three) at a modest extra cost. Custom cable lengths are also available.


Ultimate IFB
Ear Monitor

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