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Developed by a news cameraman and Necessity, the mother of invention, the Yeoman 17 is a solid, lightweight, rugged stand for up to 17 stick mics WITH FLAGS. No mic clips are ever required. It mounts easily and quickly on to any standard light stand and angles in at 20 degrees from horizontal
Retail Price - $126.00

Ever been to a press conference that looked like this?

Try This!




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           Ultrapod 1                                                                Ultrapod II                          Ultramount             Ultraclamp Ass’y

At last, A better Microphone Podium Clamp & Table Tripod!

The UltraClamp is a strong heat treated aluminum clamp designed to attach to a podium, shelf, door, rolled down car window, table top, round pipe, or other object. The UltraClamp can be used with or without the UltraMount ball and socket head. You can mount microphones on clips or shock mounts as well as small cameras with any of the three thread sizes included. The UltraMount rotates on the UltraClamp in 45 degree increments, and provides more than 180 degrees of swivel.

UltraClamp has a max jaw opening of 1.5”
UltraClamp 2.5 has a clamp range of 1”- 2.5”
UltraClamp 4.0 has a clamp range of 1”- 4.0”

The UltraMount is a strong, lightweight, adjustable ball head with aluminum and brass components. The UltraMount is designed to attach to the Ultraclamp or any other support device utilizing a standard 1/4-20 mounting screw.

UltraMounts and UltraClamps can be supplied with 3/8 & 5/8 thread adapters.

UltraPods and UltraMounts are injection molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon with aluminum threaded components. UltraPods feature sturdy fold out legs, the unique UltraMount ball and socket head, and a strong Velcro strap for securing the closed pod to tree limbs, railings, stand columns, or other similar objects.

The UltraPod I folds to a compact 4 inch length that fits easily into a shirt pocket and weighs only 2 ounces.

The UlraPod II folds to a compact 7 inch length that fits easily into a shirt pocket and weighs only 4 ounces.


ATS-RAM is a line of mounting hardware for video monitors, lights, laptops, wireless, etc.
Perfect for use with Multicart Shelf kit and other sound carts

Click here for the ATS-RAM page

ATS-RAM Boom Pole Cradle Click on Pic for product info

Securely and safely mounts a boom pole on to a light stand. This three piece system comes with cradle, a stand mount, and a coupler. An optional 5/8 spud is available for use in a clamps or C-stand knuckle. It is light weight and very rugged with a lifetime warranty. Rubber padding prevent the pole from rotating.
Retail Price Still only $75.00

The ATS-RAM line focuses on products specifically for film/video/broadcast production applications.

ATS-RAM Mounts for film/video/broadcast production



ATS Communications is an authorized full line Ram-Mount distributor.

Ram Mounts are used to mount virtually any device to any surface, vehicle, etc.
All electronic devices are supported, incl. laptops, tablets, video monitors, etc.

RAM Mounts Web Site


Retail Price only $4.50! ($12.00 Magnetic)

      RKR Micro Clips are universal lavaliere mic clips. These all plastic clips suit virtually all lavaliere microphones as they grip the mic’s cable (1.5mm to 2 .5mm or 0.8 to 1.5mm diameter) rather than the microphone body. They are discreetly small, with a front plate measuring 25mm x 6mm, with serrated jaws on both sides for a secure hold. The cable grip rotates, so the clip can be used horizontally, vertically or at any angle. A second grip is supplied for dual mics, and the RKR Micro’s rear wire retainers (shown on the jaws of two clips) holds a strain relief loop.

    Available in Black or White and with or without wire retainers.

The High Profile model holds mic 12mm away from clip face. The low profile model holds mic 4mm from clip face.

The Magnetic Mount has a 3/4” diameter metal disk in flat black or white with a wire grip and a 1-1/4” gray magnetic backing disk. An optional black plastic ring is available instead of the metal disk. The backing disk  has a curious lanyard slot at the top in case you want to hang it from the neck?.

Thread Adapters & Hotshoe Accessories




MA 200

Rowi 80_81jpg

Rowi 82

ATS 1/4F>5/8M

ATS 3/8F>5/8M

(5/8F >3/8M)

(3/8F >5/8M)

Rowi 80 /81
(1/4F >3/8M)

Rowi 82
(1/4F >3/8M)







ATS 1/4F>3/8M

RKR Shoe

RKR Shoe

Rowi 58



We stock a variety of thread & hotshoe adapters to go between 1/4-20, 3/8-16, 5/8-27, Hotshoe & Hotfoot.

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NOTE: The original Rowi company went out of business many years ago.
We have very limited parts inventory only

These clamps are the industry standard for securing microphones to podiums, tabletops,
posts, office dividers, etc. Seen in every impromptu news conference and Capitol Hill hearing.
They can also be used for small cameras and LCD monitors

Rowi Table Tripods are very stable, have an adjustable head, and some have telescopic legs. Suitable for mics, LCD monitors, etc.