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The ATS RAM System is a strong, lightweight and flexible hardware system for mounting boom poles, wireless mic transmitters & receivers, IFB transmitters, microphones, lights, LCD monitors large & small, laptop computers, digital audio recorders, PDA’s, cell phones, 2-way radios, drink cups, or almost anything else. Mount them to the edge of a cart shelf, on stands, trusses, etc.

A basic assembly consists of three components - a top mount, a connector, and a bottom mount. There are 3 ball sizes, Some mounts are only available with certain ball sizes.

The Boom Pole Cradle package consists of the cradle, a short connector, and a 5/8” socket mount to fit on a light stand for $75.00

A 5/8” lighting spud can be a light holder (top mount) or a bottom mount when used with a C-Stand knuckle or a Bogen Super Clamp.

A 5/8” lighting socket fits on a stand.

A 5/8” Multi-Way has one 5/8” Spud, one 5/8” Socket (can be stacked) and two 1.5” balls

A 1/4-20 threaded stud can be either a top or bottom mount. Screw it into a Bogen Super Clamp or mount an LCD monitor on it.

A 3/8-16 threaded stud can either a top or bottom mount. It can hold a microphone shock mount or other equipment.

There are many more components available such as clamps, equipment mounting plates, laptop computer trays, magnetic mounts, weighted mounts, suction cups, U-bolts, Strap clamps and more, . Vehicle dashboard and floorboard mounts are available along with holders for laptop computers, PDA’s, GPS displays, radios, etc.

Mounts & clamps are available for motorcycles, bicycles, ATV’s, boats, aircraft, industrial equipment and more.

We are an authorized distributor and solutions provider for Ram Mounts products. We can provide you with expert assistance in assembling a solution for you and direct you to one of our Authorized Dealers to place an order.

Boom Pole Cradle is 9” long and features neoprene pads at the front, rear and safety strap
contact points for pole safety and rotational stability.

Laptop, 7” LCD monitor, wireless receiver, spare
platform, all mounted from single Bogen Superclamp
on Multicart shelf.
Also drink cup holder on Ram Clamp

Some ATS Ram Mount Parts

(Many more available)