In our 40+ years in the media production industry, I have been involved in the design & building of world class music recording studios, recording trucks, broadcast facilities, video and audio production systems, conference centers, commercial properties, and houses of worship. We bring our experience and expertise to every project.

Are you wondering what upgrades your system needs, or how to solve particular system problems? Are you in need of a new system design or a second opinion on a quote? We can help with that.

Particularly for church AV volunteers, overcoming acoustic problems such as feedback or ringing, improving intelligibility of the spoken voice, or the articulation of musical performances requires a deeper understand of the tools you have to work with and the environment you are working within. We can help you to improve the sound of your services and musical events by helping you to better understand how to use your equipment and teaching mixing techniques,

Design & Integration
ATS Communications provides Design/Build services, a one-stop service where we work with you to design to your needs, install the system, and provide training and ongoing maintenance.

Frequency Scanning & Analysis
The frequency bands that wireless microphones can legally use are changing, again. Selecting the best wireless system and choosing the right band is a complex decision that has to account for what bands are legal in your area and what other transmitters are being operated - that you may be unaware of, that could interfere. If you need to operate more than 4 channels, it gets even more complicated because they can even interfere with each other. Our spectrum analysis services will scan your location and report RF activity, showing you what frequencies are available to you and which ones to avoid.

Induction Loop Hearing Assistance Systems
Induction Loops have been used in Europe for decades but are fairly new to the U.S. market. Among the three listening assistance technologies, Induction Loops have unique advantages. Learn more about it in our pages.
We are one of a very few companies in the Mid-Atlantic to be Certified for the highest level induction loop designs and installations by both major international equipment manufacturers.