NEW! Mini Cardellini Clamps

This is our line of miniature clamps. They feature a 1" jaw capacity and 5 3/8" length, and weigh under 7 oz. Great for table top work.
Mini Cardellini Clamp (MC) (top)
The basic mini clamp with 1 7/8" jaw width. Features a 3/8" pin.
List Price: $47.00

Skinny-Mini Cardellini Clamp (SMC) (bottom)
Similar to the MC with 15/16" wide jaws. Features a 3/8" pin and weighs only 6.7 oz.
List Price: $47.00

Mini Mic. Clamp (MMC) (not shown)
Similar to the MC with 4" length, 6.9 oz. weight, and 3/8"-16 threaded stud.
List Price: $49.00

Skinny-Mini Mic. Clamp (SMMC) (not shown)
Similar to the MMC with 15/16" jaw width and 6.1 oz. weight.
List Price: $49.00