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ATS Communications brings you a wide choice of grip clamps and mounting accessories for audio, video, lighting, and other mounting needs

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Light Stands, Tripods, Grip Clamps, Articulating Arms, etc

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We feature microphone stands and accessories by:
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ATS-RAM is the revolutionary universal ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything, anywhere and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Thousands of interchangeable parts offer you solutions to your most challenging mounting problems.

See the mounting solutions we have  specifically for
Film /Video /Broadcast production

Including Antenna Mounts


Boom Pole cradle w/ double ball arm & 5/8” Socket Mount - $75.00
With safety strap and neoprene cushions to prevent rotation.


for laptops, GPS, Cell phones, iPods, & other portable electronics


Cardellini Clamps:

These Heavy Duty clamps are precision made with Stainless Steel shafts and Aluminum jaws. Up to 2” jaw capacity. Choose from shafts with 3/8 or 5/8 lighting spuds or threaded shaft (3/8-16 or 5/8-27)

Manfrotto / Avenger Super Clamps

The 2” jaw Super-Clamp has a 1/4-20 threaded hole and a 5/8 Hex socket.
Many options include: double sided 5/8 spud with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded tips, 6 1/2” Extension arm, and more


Looking for a new Microphone Podium Clamp or compact table tripod?
The new Ultraclamp is a powder coated aluminum alloy clamp measuring only 2.25”x 3.25” x
1.125”. It has a maximum. jaw opening of 1.5”, and with a 1” cork disk and a rubber coated base. It will not mar sensitive surfaces, it can clamp to flat or round objects, and can be used with the Ultramount or Rowi ball & socket heads.
Model # UCA-T has the Ultraclamp, Ultramount & 5/8” thread adapter (left photo).
Model #UCA-2T has both 3/ & 5/8 adapters.            MORE ULTRACLAMP / ULTRAPOD INFORMATION

The Ultrapod I (smaller) & Ultrapod II (larger) are compact, light weight, stable mini tripods with a ball & socket head. The unique Velcro strap allows it, when closed, to be attached to a round object (stand, tree limb, etc.). The pointed tips of the Ultrapod I when closed, enable it to be used as a ground stake.
The Ultramount is a ball head with 1/4-20 top & bottom threads. It can rotate on the Ultraclamp at 45 degree indexed increments
Ultrapods & Ultramounts are injection molded from fiberglass reinforced nylon with aluminum threaded components.