Cardellini Clamps

Model 2E - Fixed jaw on the end, 5/8" baby pin, and 2" jaw capacity

Model 2C - Fixed jaw in center, 5/8" baby pin, and 2" jaw capacity

Model 3C - Similar to the 2C but with a 3" jaw capacity

Model 3D - Fixed jaw in the center, 3" jaw capacity, and a 5/8" baby pin at both ends.

Model 2M - Fixed jaw on the end, 2" jaw capacity, and mic mount threads instead of a baby pin.

The New Mini Cardellini Clamp series. Four new miniature versions of the end jaw style clamp. Great for table-top and hard to get into spaces.


  • Rust proof construction: stainless steel shaft, aluminum jaws and knob. 
  • Patented Jaw design firmly grips almost any shape.
  • Quick spin knobs drasticly reduce setting and releasing time.
  • Jaw pads grip and protect the surface being clamped, and are easily replaceable in case of damage.
  • Heavy threads on the shaft resist dinging.
  • Standard clamps weigh only 20oz.


  • Strong solid gripping of round, square, and rectangular tubing; 1x4 and 2x4 lumber and plywood sheets; foam core, show cards, bounce cards, etc.
  • Firm but gentle holding of mirrors, glass, or fragile props.
  • Mount lights to pipe, lumber, set walls, drop celing framework, car rigs, insert cars, etc.
  • Mount gobo heads and c-stand arms.
  • Brace cameras.
  • Grab 2x4 or pipe for goal post.
  • Use as a support pin on 4x4, 6x6, 12x12, or 20x20 frames.
  • Use as a branch clamp
  • Hold bottles for pour shots.