Holders for Multiple Microphones

This is Lenny’s Media Stand for up to 17 mics with flags.
It fits onto the top of any 5/8” light stand or mic stand w/o flange,
and no mic clips are required.

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Lenny’s Media Stand

The MY-500 is a three mic holder.
It has a swivel adapter under the bar.

Two of these can make a five mic holder.

The MY-700 holds seven mics.
It can also be used as an adjustable stereo bar

This is the Sidecar (pictured w/ MY-500). It can be used to clip a mic to the side of a stand or any post up to 1 inch diameter.

When used with the Platform, a small preamp, headphone amp or other small device can be affixed to the side of a stand.

The Platform can also be used alone on top of any mic stand

The Pig-E-Bak allows you to neatly and quickly hitch a ride on another mic.


The ATS Bluegrass Stand

Developed in response to the many musicians who like to circle around a single stand.

Can hold 8 mics on the perimeter, either above or below, plus 4 more from the center (not pictured)