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Below you will find a series of downloadable WAV sound files of the PianoMicâ„¢ System. These recordings were made with the PianoMicâ„¢ microphones positioned approximately two inches above the strings and three inches in front of the dampers. The microphones were also favoring the mid-high and low strings of the piano as indicated in Figure 2-B (click here). The recordings were made using the same identical gain channels with no signal processing and the microphone placement is identical in all three recordings. Any seasoned sound engineer knows that it is virtually impossible to get a good piano sound with the lid at half-stick or closed. When you hear the PianoMicâ„¢ System at half-stick and lid closed you will be amazed.


You may listen to these WAV files in their native format or convert them to another format, however, for you to hear the full detail in these recordings we recommend the following:

For the best results we suggest that you listen to these downloadable files in their original WAV format (16 bit, 44.1kHz sample rate). Please do not convert these files to MP3 or any other lossy format with high compression and lower sample rate, which will greatly diminish your ability to hear the comparative differences.

In contrast, they can be converted to AIFF or other lossless formats that will not impair the sound quality. We also suggest that you listen to these sound files with good quality headphones or monitor speakers for optimum results.