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Unique dual capsule design w/ separate outputs

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48 volt phantom powered, Pure Omni pattern, Black or  Beige.


Pigtail version for wireless transmitter, Black or  Beige.


Battery & phantom powered version, brass XLR connector,  uses AA battery or 12-48 volt phantom power, black.


Superb Sound in Ultra-miniature Lavalier
Rugged 2.1mm Cable
Ultra-Miniature Size
Perfect Omni-Directional Pickup Pattern From 50Hz to 20kHz
Unique Vertical Diaphragm Design
Excellent Surface Noise Isolation
Durable Protection from Sweat and Cosmetics
Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

  COS-11s features the unique "Vertical Diaphragm  Design" which provides superb sound from a microphone so small it is  almost invisible. The COS-11s has a perfect OMNI Directional polar pattern  from 20Hz to 20kHz, and provides a very natural sound from 50Hz to 20kHz.  The frequency response is optimized for recording the human voice.

The COS-11s is suitable for a wide range of applications, including musical  theatre, TV news studios, ENG, film production recording, outdoor shooting,  even live opera and pop music recording, and interfaces with the connectors  for any wireless transmitter. The COS-11s comes in three versions: 48v phantom,  battery powered (AA battery) which will accept 12V to 52V phantom, and unterminated  drivable from 3V to 10V DC.

All models are available with the "RED MARK" designation for close  microphone positioning and for louder voices, up to 134dB SPL. All models  are available in three colors: Gray, Black and Beige. Windscreens are available  in 11 colors to fit with a variety of costumes and hairstyles. A wide range  of accessories allows for easy microphone positioning.