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Sanken Professional Microphones

For over 85 years, Sanken has designed truly unique and innovative  microphones with legendary craftsmanship.

ATS Communications is an Authorized Sanken Service Dealer
for repairs and replacement parts.


In-Line Preamp

Boost the level of any dynamic or self-powered condenser mic by 20 or 40 dB. Raises the S/N level of noisy mixer preamps, overcomes the loss of long cables. Powered by the phantom 48Volts supplied by the mixer.


Lavalier Microphones

These tiny microphones still yield excellent sound  and are tested for operation in high heat and humidity  that is typical for stage use.

ATS Communications is an Authorized
COS-11 Warranty Repair location.
We offer repair or replacement services
for connectors and capsules
in and out of warranty.


Shotgun Microphones

Get highly focused recording with a new high level  of consistent frequency response across the pickup pattern.


Studio Microphones

For voice over, instrument, chorus, orchestra, or other  studio and production use.


Boundary Microphones

Inconspicious microphones that dissapear into the scene.  Great inside a car, on a table or wall.


Field Microphones

Ruggedized and portable field production microphones  delivering the same excellent sound quality as our studio  series.

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Contact Mic

Also known as the “Ant Mic” designed to pick up micro vibrations of the smallest creatures from solid surfaces