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Sanken Shotgun Microphones


CS-1 Mono Short Shotgun Mic

The Sanken CS-01 is an answer to professional users’ requests for many video and film applications. A microphone designed for the broadcast and film /television industries. It is easy to be hidden from the camera’s eye because of its short length. The CS-01 makes an excellent camera mounted mic* as well as a boom pole mic. The CS-01 has a very sharp directional characteristic and the high quality sound Sanken microphones have become known for.

* Requires 48V phantom power

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CSS-5 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Sanken introduced the world's first Stereo Shotgun  Microphone in response to the persistent demands of production sound engineers  for an easy-to-operate, flexible stereo shotgun for use in stereo broadcasts  and feature films with stereo and surround sound. Because of Sanken's innovations  in Second Pressure Gradient technology and the use of two cardioid diaphragms,  the CSS-5 offers three distinct operation modes (mono, stereo and wide) for a wide array  of applications in location and studio recording. Mono  mode provides high directivity over a wide frequencey  spectrum, especially below 500Hz. Excellent for noisy  environments. Low proximity effect.


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CS-3e Mono Shotgun Microphone

 The CS-3e stands out among shotgun microphones  -- it delivers sharp directional sound with extended low frequency response and high directivity over a wide frequency spectrum, especially  below 500Hz. Because of its unique design, the CS-3e is an excellent  choice for use in difficult applications, such as close-to-ceiling positions or locations near a noisy camera. Even in such challenging situations, the  excellent side and rear rejection of the CS-3e helps to capture only the  targeted dialogue without any ambient reverberation. Sanken's original  design results in a low proximity effect which facilitates working in a  scene close-up and wide, while producing little change in sound character.

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CMS-10 /CMS-10MS
Switchable Stereo/Mono Shotgun Camera Microphone

 The CMS-10 is switchable between a very sharp directional mono shotgun response and a specialized stereo shotgun  mode that delivers a rich "Environmental Stereo Sound." The CMS-10  is designed as a camera mounted microphone, however it can also be mounted  on a boom pole for field recording. The source of Sanken's Environmental  Stereo Sound is a new generation M-S microphone design. Thanks to the exclusive internal circuit, it is simple to obtain a L and R output with precise location imagery directly from the microphone, and also a very narrow-focused  mono sound by using the ST/MONO switch.
NOW also available in an M-S version

The CMS-10 is small (less than 220mm length and 170g weight), an advantage in demanding field shooting, and the PPS diaphragm provides optimum durability  in locations with high humidity and extreme temperatures. The CMS-10 is  an excellent choice for creative engineers working in HDTV and HD-Cam for  movie production.

Includes camera mount and Rycote Softie