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Cool Cam XL Pro & HDV
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with trained operators

Professional Portable Camera Crane

How did they get that shot?
How did they even get a crane out there?

CoolCam FAQ’s

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Can your jib do this? Or this?

The CoolCam is a truly unique, professional quality camera crane designed as a light weight and very portable system.
There are six models.
All models can be mounted on a standard camera tripod or worn on a body harness for unprecedented mobility and speed.
The telescopic boom allows changing lengths quickly without any disassembly.

Visit the CoolCam Photo & Video Gallery

Want to fit more jib shots into your production schedule?
Want something unique, unusual or hard to get?
Need to travel light?

Cooking Segments /Shows
Roaming camera boom for overhead shots can change position instantly
Requires little or no floor space, telescopic boom for the best length, small camera head maneuvers easily in tight spaces or with low ceilings.

Reality TV (Indoors)
Requires little or no floor space, repositions instantly, small camera head is easy to maneuver, Shorten boom for confined spaces

Nature /Beach /Reality TV(outdoors /remote location)
Lightweight & easy to transport & set up. No Pedestal required.

Cool Cam can roam within the crowd or work from an open bed truck

Sporting Events
Can work from unmodified golf cart. Can roam field, work sidelines, crowds, booths, racing pits, etc.

Extreme Sports
Get closer to the action with more unusual angles and moves.
All without getting in the way of the action

Medical Video
Over an exam table, over an operating table.
With a minimum of space and a small camera head, Cool Cam can navigate in confined spaces without being a hazard.

Easy to transport & set up, variable length boom, Smooth moves, steady shots, cool angles.

Can walk on /off stage for hi /lo close up /overhead.shots,
 unique moving instrument shots.
Can work from Pit without blocking audience views

Live Stage I-Mag
Product shots, Close ups, unique angles & moves.
Small camera head and boom diameter are very inconspicuous

Cool Cam is available for hire with operators and for sale nation wide.

Choosing a Cool Cam model


Boom Length (Ft)

Total Wt w/o Cam(Lbs, apx)

Max Cam Wt (Lbs)


# Cam Axis

# Boom Axis










5.5 -12.5







DV Pan









6.5 - 12.5







ProXL /ProHD

5.9 -18







    The Cool Cam DV is the original model. It is inexpensive, easy to use, requires no training, and packs into a single case. The CoolCam DV has a tilt only camera head which is very smooth (the entire boom pans). Many wonderfully creative moves can be done with this head. Any DV /HDV format camcorder up to 5.5 pounds can be mounted. A LANC camera /lens controller for either Sony, Canon or Panasonic cameras is an option.

    The Cool Cam DV Pan includes a motorized panning camera platform enabling the camera and pole to be moved in all axes - pan, tilt and rotate. For MiniDV format camcorders such as Panasonic DVX-100, the Sony PD-170, the Canon GL2, etc.. Discontinued, replaced by Cool Cam HDV. Our Demo system is available for sale. Contact us for details.

    The Cool Cam HDV includes a motorized pan and tilt head with a larger camera basket to accommodate nearly all Mini DV & HDV camcorders including the Panasonic HVX-200 and the Sony HVR-Z1U. The Cool Cam HDV can also be configured for certain “box” type SD & HD live cameras such as the Panasonic AK-HC1500, Sony HDCX300/310, & Thompson 1657D MicroCam

    The Cool Cam XL /HD includes a motorized pan and tilt head and adds a live /broadcast remote head cameras such as Toshiba TU-51 & forthcoming HD version, IKEGAMI HLD-20, the Iconix RD-HD1or the Silicon Imaging 2K 1920x1080 & 2048x1152 HD Cameras. All cameras would be fit with a Fujinon broadcast remote controlled zoom lens. This system provides broadcast quality pictures and fluid movement

    The Cool Cam Super 16 Any above model can be configured for the Ikonoskop A-Cam & Aaton Minima, both amazing new Super 16mm film cameras.

    All Cool Cam packages come complete with an LCD monitor with sun shade, two batteries (one with DV), pan /tilt head controller (with DV Pan, HDV & XL versions), Lens controller (with XL-Pro), cables, and shipping cases. Certain upgrades and additional options are available.

    Cases DSCN2525

 The CoolCam DV comes in a single soft but rigid case suitable for flying.

The Cool Cam HDV & XL Pro pack into a single Pelican PC1624 or PC1654 case plus a protective tube case for the boom.

To accompany the CoolCam XL Pro, the camera, lens, LCD monitor and accessories pack into a PC1514 carry on case. For the HD model, the visual equipment would also pack into a suitable second Pelican case


The optional Cool Cam Multicart can be used to move the set up boom with accessory cases.
It is also invaluable when traveling.

An optional wheeled, sturdy, long case is available in which the entire rig packs for travel.

The Cool Cam has been used in the U.S. for such events as the NBC Today show, horse racing, corporate training videos, and reality TV. It is used in France by all major TV channels, France Television, Canal+ etc.. TF1 was used it for two years on the French "Survivors" series and many sporting events including the Euro X-Games, concerts, commercials, dramatic and reality television.